Development story

Written by the founder of redgator UG

This project has already been on my mind for many years. As a passionate pilot in the real world, I have also used simulators offered by Microsoft, later Prepare3d and X-Plane with several Airbus A320 Addon’s.

But somehow I soon lost interest because it is not very convenient to operate the instruments by mouse click. Probably just like many other enthusiast, I would have preferred a full scale cockpit.  

Original photo of an A320 cockpit

I searched the market for possibilities and soon found out that the offered settings and possibilities were either very professional and extremely expensive or cheap but not very viable. Moreover, the space you need remained a real problem. Not to forget a possible veto of your partner.

Therefore, I was looking for another solution. But where to find it? What I preferred the most was a solution I could set aside after flying.

A couple of years have passed since I first gave thought to a possible solution. I have never forgotten about it and the idea kept lingering in my head.

Finally, in 2018 I started to develop our A320 Desktop. A cockpit for your desk – that was the basic idea behind it.

Our prototype after the first assembly

Thus the A320 Desktop was born based on many drawings, visits of real simulators and the experience of real A320 pilots. Moreover, we wanted to reproduce as many “real” components of the A320 as possible. Quality and reliability played a big role. Several obstacles had to be overcome but in October 2019 I finally sat in front of our prototype. It was an overwhelming and terrific experience. The first flight was spectacular and finally I could fly the A320 without a click with the mouse.

In the meantime we already had a booth at two trade fairs in The Netherlands and Germany. Visitors showed massive interest in our simulator and confirmed an awesome flight experience as well as real joy handeling the instruments.

I am convinced, with our A320 Desktop simulator, we have developed a high quality product with a great love for detail.